Swivel Joints And Quick Unions


Swivel joints are 22R type (2 elbows and 2 hinges) and are of forged alloy steel with hardened grooves.
Hinges are sealed by means of one gasket which is mounted without pretightening. The covers that close access to hinge balls are machined in mounted conditions and therefore are not interchangeable.
The elbows are provided with quick unions, sealed by one rubber gasket which shall be replaced when its condition indicates marked wear.
The threaded joints of the swivel joints are hydrostatic tested.

Technical characteristics

Swivel joint type Nom. pressure, bar Nom. dimenssion, in Quick unions size Hydrostatic test, bar
22R-2 in x 700 700 2 2 in x 700 1,5xPN
22R-2 in x 1050 1050 2 2 in x 1050