Adjustable And Positive Studded Chokes


The Adjustable and Positive Chokes are designed and manufactured in accordance with API 6A, for pressures up to 10,000 PSI (700 bar).
These chokes are available in a large sizes range, and with various trims depending upon customer requirements.

The products are designed to perform according to the requirements of PR1 Performance Requirement Level and, on request, PSL1, PSL2 and PSL3 Product Specification Levels.
About Material class and Temperature classification, see Appendix A.

By means of a conversion kit, the adjustable type choke can very easily be converted to positive type choke. A wing union cap interchangeable with the adjustable type allows quick replacement of the choke bean.

Dimensions beyond range of afore mentioned table may be offered on request.


Technical and constructive characteristics

R/Bx D1/n x d Net weight
2 1/16 2,000 R23 127/8×16 48,00
5,000 R24 165/8×24 58,00
10,000 Bx152 158,8/8×20 65,00
2 9/16 3,000
R27 191/8×27 78,00
10,000 Bx153 184,2/8×24 70,00
3 1/8 3,000 R31 191/8×24 78,00
4 1/16 3,000 R37 235/8×33 138,00