Cementing units equipped with electrical engine

The cementing units are mobile units designed to perform cementing operations as well as other operations at the wells. The cementing units are mounted Mercedes, Tatra, Kraz, Roman, Volvo, MAN chassis trucks.

The cementing units are equipped with a high pressure triplex plunger pump which ensure the normal technical parameters for natural suction. They are designed as a unit, ensuring the optimal ratio between power and discharge flow, with facilities in terms of interchangeability.
The power required to drive the triplex pump is supplied by an ELECTRICAL MOTOR.
The continuous adjustment of the plunger pump’s rotation is performed through a frequency converter.
The cementing units are equipped with a measuring tank, divided into two equal compartments, protected against the corrosion.
For cementing operations, the cementing units are equipped wit jet mixer with 3 nozzles supplied with water by a water pump. Water supply to the mixer is so conceived to provide parallel operation of one, two or all three nozzles of the mixer, as required, providing 100 to. Blend / hour.

The controls of the unit are centralized and may be actuated from the platform located around the control panel.
On the control panel are mounted instruments for checking the operation of the plunger pump and water pump, as well as instruments required to check the operation of the driving motor.

For checking the discharge pressure, the cementing units are equipped with pressure gauges with environment insulator and vibration dampener, mounted on the discharge collector of the pump.

The manifolds of unit provide the following functions:

  • Triplex plunger pump suction from each compartment of the measuring tank, from the slurry cement sump or from other external source, on both sides of the cementing unit.;
  • Triplex pump discharge towards the pumping line through the plug valve. Discharge on free line through the valve and adjustable nozzle. The adjustable nozzle permits slow reduction of the pressure on free flow line.
  • Supply of measuring tank, independent for each compartment from external source.
  • Water pump suction from each compartment of the measuring tank and water pump discharge towards the mixer cement.

To protect the entire hydraulic system against overpressure, the discharge manifold is provided with safety valve and water pump manifold is provided with spring valve.
For night operation, the units are equipped with three 24V luminaires, and can be directed to places that require close monitoring.


Unit type Engine type Transmission Complexity Maximum working pressure

Plunger diameter Actuated type of butterfly valve and plug valve Measuring possibility of parameters Carrier Other features
AC 400 Diesel Cateripliar C 15 ACERT usual
Cateripliar CX31-P600
Single pump/Double pump* 400 D 115,
D 125
Manual/ electric*/
Analog /
Digital, with multiphysics sensors *
(pressure, flow, temperature, density)
Lighting spots 24V


Operator Cab*


AC 500 500 D 100,
D 115,
D 125
ACF 700 700 D 100,
D 115,
ACF 1050 1050 D 85,
D 100,
D 115,

A new type of cementing unit equipped with an electric motor is under development.

  • “ * ” Equipment on request
  • “ ** ” Chassis according to customer request: Mercedes, Tatra, Kraz, Roman, Volvo, MAN
  • “***” Other possible equipment in combination with Petal pumps, proposed or provided by the customer.