2” x 25 bar Adjustable Choke


As constituient par of Water Pump manifold, the 2in x 25 bar Adjustable choke perform the discharge control by the slow reduction of the pressure on free flow determineted by gradually increasing the passage section.

The choke’s needle provides a variation of the passage section proportional to the displacement of the needle in the nozzle on the entire lenght of the stroke.
Access to the needle and the nozzle seat for replacement is possible by dismounting the cover with all the parts assembled on it.
Available too at low temperatures (-45°C).


1. Body 340-550 / SR ISO 9477
2. Nozzle Rul 2 / STAS 1456
3. Tapered peak shaft IC 45 / EN 10083-1
4. Cover 340-550 / SR ISO 9477
5. Stuffing box Bronze
6. Sealing Rings Rubber
7. Threaded bushing Bronze
8. Crown nut IC 45 / EN 10083-1

Constructive and technical characteristics:

  • choke type: adjustable, with KG 2in threaded connecting
  • nominal diameter: 2 in
  • nominal pressure: 25 bar
  • testing pressure: 2x PN
  • working fluids: water, oil products