Norwegian PROJECT – PETAL S.A. – [ENG]

Low carbon-intensive and secured power supply at PETAL SA (no. 2021/335785)


The transition to the sustainable business model at PETAL SA through major investments with the implementation of the project ”Low carbon-intensive and secured power supply at PETAL SA” nr. 2021/335785

PETAL SA has high power consumption, annually costs over 225 k EUR. The company has to decrease the energy costs on production otherwise its competitiveness on the market with higher production prices. Since the company is located in Huși, close to the Moldavian border there is no power producer unit in this region, and this micro-region is isolated. We have black outs or not enough voltage in the power grids which is a major obstacle in our production capacities.

Our Response

To maintain and increase our production and production capacities in a sustainable way, our operational goals are to reduce energy dependence, increase renewable energy production capacities for self-consumption and develop state-of-the-art, high energy-efficiency technology and sustainable extraction. To achieve these goals, we are installing a solar photovoltaic capacity of 250 kWp to cover our energy demand with our own production capabilities. The photovoltaic system will produce 300 MWh of energy a year, covering up to 16.5% of the company’s total energy consumption.

Achievements to date


Our engagement to turn to sustainable business model started in 2011, starting with major retrofitting of our industrial facility with the aim to increase the energy efficiency. In 2020 our company was one of the initiators in the establishment of  ”Association of Cluster RENEW”. In this cluster we are engaged to be active in the following objectives: Development of innovative solutions on the energy-environment thematic area; Developing strategies to increase productivity and competitiveness for cluster members; Development of integrated solutions to reduce energy losses; Development of bioeconomic models in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

Our project of investing in a photovoltaic system is considered as an example of good practice in our region and for other public and private entities.


Our company has taken the necessary steps to prepare the project proposal with a photovoltaic system with a capacity of 250 kWp for self-consumption. The project submitted in 2021 with the title “Low carbon-intensive and secured power supply at PETAL SA” no. 2021/335785, was financed by Innovation Norway within the Energy in Romania program, the total budget of the project is 224,182 EUR, of which 122,211 is the grant offered by Innovation Norway and the own contribution is 101,971 EUR. The project implementation period is between 22.08.2022 and 31.12.2023.

Through this investment project, the expected results are:

  • reduction of CO2 emissions by 142 t/year,
  • production of 300 MWh/year of electricity for self-consumption.