The gearbox belongs to the mechanical transmission from the Wola drive engine to the triplex plungers pump.
This gearbox permits the achievement of 8 speeds for the triplex plunger pump and is provided with one additional output shaft with 2 speeds for water pump drive.

Constructive characteristics:

The gearbox shafts are mounted in the separating plane of the housings, on the oscillating-radial bearings which do not require later adjustment.
The gears are cylindrical with inclined teeth, tempered on the flankes and grounded.
The free gears are on bronze bushings.

The gearbox is provided with three seeting coupling devices:

  • two coupling devices independently control the two sleeves from the output shaft, achieving 1 ÷ 4 or 5 ÷ 8 speeds, one of them achievs the changing of speeds group (1 ÷ 4 or 5 ÷ 8).
  • one coupling device controls the sleeve from the additional output shaft, achieving 1 ÷ 4 speeds at water pump.

For safety in operation, the coupling devices are provided with locking systems for all the working positions.

Technical characteristics:

  • max. input torque: 212 daN.m
  • max. input speed: 1250 rpm
  • power at max. speed: 350 HP
  • number of velocity speed: 8+4
  • lubrication: splash
  • oil sump capacity: 55 litri
  • recommended oil: T90EP2
  • overall dimensions: 1450x980x1050
  • dry net weight: 1121 kg

Gear ratio

For triplex pump 9,81 7,20 5,31 4,02 3,01 2,21 1,63 1,20
For water pump 2,03 1,54 1,14 0,84