2×700(1050) CR Pipes And 45°(90°)-2×700(1050) Tees With Quick Unions


Transport of working fluids (slurry, mud, water, etc) from triplex plunger pump at exploitation area.
The tees with quick unions ensure too the orientation of working fluids in two directions.

Constructive characteristics:

CR Lines and Tees are provided with ouick unions at 700 or 1050 bar, depending of nominal workin pressure of Unit.
The CR Lines are performed at different lenghts: 1250; 1750; 2500 and 3000 mm, depending of employment requests.
The threaded joints of CR Lines and tees are hydrostatic tested.

Technical characteristics:

Nom. pressure Nom. dimenssion, in Quick unions size Hydrostatic test
700 2 2 in x 700 1,5xPN
1050 2 2 in x 1050