The company has an area by 39500 square meters, being an integrated structure with a large productions sectors:
- the pre-production sector
- plant-fitting sector

The pre-production sector

The pre-production sector provides almost 80% from the necessary of raw materials. The sector structure is made up of:
- Casting workshop: steel, pig cast, non-ferrous materials;
- Heat treatment workshop: endowed with the most modern and complex treatment outfit: high - voltage treatment equipment, vertical furnaces, equipment for fluid layer treatment;
- Forging workshop;
- Metallic plating workshop: chrome, zinc and phosphorus - plating;
- Metallic covering workshop.

Planting - fitting sector

Planting - fitting sector: high flexibility degree, being equipped both with universal and specialized machinery.
The company possesses physical and mechanical testing laboratory, a measurement laboratory, a chemical analysis laboratory and an undestructive control laboratory.

The materials mechanical characteristics as well as the parameters resulted after the chemical treatment are determined in the Physical and mechanic-testing laboratory. Testing machine for traction has a breakage force up to 1000 KN.

Measurement - length and pressure laboratory is authorized to verify measurement equipment, both for the company and for third parties.
Resilience is determined both for low and medium temperatures.

The chemical laboratory certifies the chemical composition of the metallic materials (own or from suppliers) with iron, cooper, aluminum and zinc basis. Analyses are carried out with an optic emission spectrometer with argon spark - POLYVAC 2000 P.
Resilience is determined both for low and medium temperatures.

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