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AC 400 Cementing Unit

The cementing units are mobile units designed to perform cementing operations as well as other operations at the wells.
The cementing units are mounted on TATRA, ROMAN or KRAZ chassis trucks.
The cementing units are equipped with a high pressure triplex plunger pump that can develop power of 428 HP at 400 bar pressure under discontinuous operating conditions.
The power required to drive the triplex pump is supplied by the CATERPILLAR - C15 Tier 3 power unit, equipped with all air suction, control, cooling, discharging, lubrication systems.
The triplex pump is driven by CATERPILLAR TH35E81A transmission.
The gearbox is driven by a motor with cardan shaft driving the plunger pump by toothed coupling and the water pump by elastic coupling.
The cementing units are equipped with a measuring tank, divided into two equal compartments, protected against the corrosion.
For cementing operations, the cementing units are equipped wit jet mixer with 3 nozzles supplied with water by a water pump. Water supply to the mixer is so conceived to provide parallel operation of one, two or all three nozzles of the mixer, as required, providing 100 to/hour blend.
The controls of the Unit are centralized and may be actuated from the platform located around the control panel.
On the control panel are mounted instruments for checking the operation of the pluger pump and water pump, as well as instruments required to check the operation of the driving motor.
For checking the discharge pressure, the cementing units are equipped with pressure gauges with environment insulator and vibration dampener, mounted on the discharge collector of the pump.

The manifolds of Unit provide the following functions:
- Triplex plunger pump suction from each compartment of the measuring tank, from the slurry cement sump or from other external source, on both sides of the unit.
- Triplex pump discharge towards the pumping line through the 2" x 700 bar valve. Discharge on free line through the 2" x 700 valve and ajustable nozzle. The adjustable nozzle permits slow reduction of the pressure on free flow line.
- Supply of measuring tank, independent for each compartment from external source.
- Water pump suction from each compartment of the measuring tank and water pump discharge towards the mixer cement.

To protect the entire hydraulic system against overpressure, the discharge manifold is provided with safety and water pump manifold is provided with spring valve.


Poz. 1 2 3 4 5 6
Aubassy Chassis



AC 400 technical data and performances

Pump input speed,
Pump double
Maximum working pressure, bar Theoretical output, l/min
Plunger diameter, mm Plunger diameter, mm
115 125 115 125
437 90 400 337 426 503
680 140 256 216 663 782
923 190 188 159 899 1062
1166 240 149 126 1136 1341
1408 290 123 104 1373 1621
2100 432,3 83 70 2047 2416

Triplex plunger Pump

  • max. working pressure: 400 bar
  • max. theoretical output: 2416 l/min
  • max. power at 400 bar: 428 HP (315 KW)
  • plunger range: 115, 125 mm
  • suction dia: 6 in
  • discharge dia: 2 in
  • oil sump capacity: 60 l
  • oil tank capacity: 23 l

PR50-H Water Pump

  • max. working pressure: 15 bar
  • max. output: 1050 l/min
  • max. drive power: 40 Kw
  • max. input speed: 1500 r.p.m.

AC-125-100-315 oversupply pump

  • max. pressure: 3 bar
  • max. output: 2500 l/min
  • drive speed: 1450 rpm
  • drive power: 37 KW (50 HP)

Jet cement mixer

  • dry cement max. processing capacity: 100 to/hour
  • nozzle number: 3
  • max. water supply pressure: 20 bar
  • discharge height (fixed): 1400 mm
  • height to funnel: 920 mm

CATERPILLAR Power unit: C15 Tier 3 type

  • max. power: 350 KW (475 HP)
  • max. speed: 2100 r.p.m.
  • max. oil bath capacity: 34,1 l
  • starting system: electric 24 V
  • safety stop system: electric
  • acceleration system: mechanical

CATERPILLAR TH35E81A Transmission

  • system hydraulic
  • max. input torque: 2101 N.m
  • max. input power: 349 HP
  • number of velocity stages: 8
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