S.C. PETAL S.A. Policy regarding the quality, the environement, the occupational
health and safety

The Integrated Management System represents the strategic foundation on which the leadership of S.C. PETAL S.A. Company is based in determining the policy and the objectives regarding the quality, the environment and the occupational health and safety.
The maintaining and continual improvement of the implemented Integrated Management System, according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, API Q1, PED 97/23/EC requirements is our primary concern.

Our common objective is to prove the capacity of S.C. PETAL S.A. to continuously satisfy the customer's demands, to improve the performances of our products, in order to exceed the client's expectations. The high-level management policy is mainly oriented toward:
- The continuous improving of performances regarding the: quality, environment, occupational health and safety;
- Preventing the accidentally pollution, the work accidents and the professional diseases, in all the developed activities;
- The effective employment of the raw materials, in order to save the natural resources;
- The compliance with the legally requirements and with all the applicable requirements on quality, environment and occupational health and safety;
- The insurance of an appropriate framework for establishing and analyzing the quality, environment and occupational health and safety objectives and to make possible for the employees to meet their work tasks.

As a traditional producer of oilfield equipment, PETAL S.A. Company is engaged on a competitive market, aiming to achieve the following objectives:
- The annual growth of the turnover;
- The increase of the oilfield equipment share within the total sold products;
- The increase of export sales volume;
- The gross profit growth;
- The improving of working conditions for employees (modernizing the workspaces, of the equipment and machineries);
- The continually decrease of pollution, by reducing the quantity of waste and emissions;
- Reducing the overall risk of accidents and professional diseases.

The processes of the Integrated Management System are planned and controlled by:
- By identifying, distributing and optimizing the resources;
- By designating, training and acknowledging the processes responsible persons, who establish, maintain and continually improve the measurable objectives and the performance indicators for each type of process;
- By a continually documentation, analyze, measurement, monitoring and improvement;
- By involving all the employees in improving the processes and in empowering each employee according to his performance

The leadership of S.C. PETAL S.A. is oriented to identify and develop the employee's skills by training, recruitment, acknowledge and continually evaluation.
This statement is an integral part of the Integrated Management System Manual and was communicated with the organization, is known at all compartments and is regularly reviewed.
The achievement of the politics and of the stated quality objectives, of the Integrated Management System Manual requirements represents compulsory tasks for each PETAL S.A. employee.

In quality of General Manger, I engage to apply this policy and, in this respect I delegate the responsibility and the authority to the Technical and Quality Assurance Manager, as a representative of the General Manager for:
- 1. Implementing and maintaining the system described in the Integrated Management System Manual;
- 2. Verifying the application, the fulfillment and the improvement of the politics and objectives;
- 3. Directly reporting the results of these verifications.

Our commitment is to satisfy the requirements of our clients!
"We exist only by our satisfied customers!"
"We exist only to satisfy our customers!"

General Manager,

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